The Classic Center


If you are shipping any packages to The Classic Center you must pay the appropriate Material and Handling Fees on this order form below.

When ordering this service you ensure your package will be securely stored and handled up to a maximum of FIVE days before your event. This also includes the delivery of your packages to your booth on the day of load-in for your event. All items may be delivered to the following address where they will be received by The Classic Center Security Staff.

The Classic Center Hancock Loading Dock
300 N. Thomas Athens, GA 30601

Please label items by Company Name, Event name (Ex. Company ABC, Event DEF)
*The Hancock Loading Dock is equipped with a standard dock capable of unloading Semi-Trucks*
There is no charge for handling of your package after an event. You are responsible for contacting and paying the shipping company of your choice for pickup arrangements and providing labels for each item to be shipped. All boxes must be labeled and sealed. A Classic Center employee will collect the items from your booth after the event.

If you have any questions please email Haley Fort at or call 706.357.4424



Please take note: orders made 10 days prior to event start will receive discounted exhibit rates.

Exhibitor Parking - Box Truck
$100.00 each

Click on descriptions or pictures for more information.

Rolling 50" TV Screen$450.00 each
32" TV Screen$350.00 each

Click on descriptions or pictures for more information.

Electric 120v, 10amp (1000 watts)
$115.00 each
Electric 120v, 20amp (2000 watts)
$125.00 each

Internet - Wi-Fi (15 Mbps)
$299.00 each
Internet - Wired (Up to 30 Mbps)
$249.00 each
Internet - Wired (Additional Device) $199.00 each
Internet - Wi-Fi (30 Mbps)
$399.00 each

Table- High Boy, 30" w/ linen$40.00 each

All shipping fees and scheduling are the responsibilities of the vendor. The Classic Center is not responsible for scheduling deliveries or pick-ups.

For shipping address and other delivery information click on the service you wish to order.

Material Handle (palletized) - Per/100 lbs
$120.00 each
Material Handle- Per Package
$60.00 each

Telephone Line$249.00 each



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