20 amps/120V (500-2000 Watts)$150.00 each
25 Foot Extension Cord$25.00 each
30 amps/208 Volt Single Phase$310.00 each
40 amps/208 Volt Single Phase$390.00 each
50 amps/208 Volt Single Phase$480.00 each
30 amps/208 Volt Three Phase$350.00 each
40 amps/208 Volt Three Phase$425.00 each
50 amps/208 Volt Three Phase$500.00 each
100 amps/208 Volt Three Phase $900.00 each
100 amps/480 Volt Three Phase$950.00 each
200 amps/208 Volt Three Phase$1,050.00 each
200 amps/480 Volt Three Phase$1,100.00 each
60 amps/208 Volt Single Phase$600.00 each
60 amps/208 Volt Three Phase $575.00 each

Please call Antoinette Harris at (901) 576-1221 to inquire about electrical services not listed.

Standard Digital Phone Line$240.00 each
Standard Analog Phone Line$270.00 each
Wireless Internet (up to 10 users)$475.00 each
Wireless Internet (11 - 50 users)$715.00 each
Wireless Internet (51 - 150 users)$810.00 each
Broadband Internet (Hardwired) with 1 Static IP$660.00 each
Broadband Internet (Hardwired) and Ethernet Switch$790.00 each
Additional Cost for Long Distance$20.00 each
Broadband Internet (Hardwired)$660.00 each
Wireless Internet (151 - 500 users)$1,050.00 each
Wireless Internet (501 - 1,000 users)$1,290.00 each
Wireless Internet (over 1,000 users)$3,000.00 each

Please call Carmella Rogers at (901) 576-1219 for Internet or Telecommunication services not listed.  Please note that on-site orders for Broadband Connections and Telephone lines take 2 to 4 hours for installation.



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